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My reviews are my honest opinions and are not a critique of the author. I seek to inform readers who may enjoy the book based on reading preferences. A negative review doesn’t mean the book is terrible. Each book will create a different reaction in various readers, and at times a book may not be my cup of tea. I reserve the right to not finish any book if I’m not hooked into the story and to write whatever length review I feel the book warrants.

My Book Ratings

✯ 5 stars: LOVED IT! I want to share this book with the world with pure excitement!

✯ 4 stars: Enjoyed reading the book and highly recommend it.

✯ 3 stars: Good writing, but it could’ve been better.

✯ 2 stars: Didn’t feel a connection with the book and needed something more.

✯ 1 star: Was NOT my cup of tea at all and would gladly take my money back.