Hi! I’m Tristan and welcome to the blog!

Getting lost in the pages of a book is my skill. Each turned page is a new journey to be experienced and it’s easy to say I’m an avid explorer of libraries and bookstores.

Reading is a major part of my life and usually you can find me curled up with book. I’m always eager to dive into stories filled with magic, romance and adventure!

My bookshelves are filled with YA fantasy, but that’s never stopped me from exploring more genres!

On the rare occasion I’m not reading then an impromptu jam session is happening and my attention has been diverted with keeping my two left feet in check. Writing is another pastime of mine that coincides with expressing my bookish thoughts through this blog. There are times I often dabble with design work and attempt to unleash an artistic side.

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Thank you for visiting the blog and hope you enjoy your reading adventures!


My Book Ratings

✯ 5 stars: LOVED IT! I want to share this book with the world with pure excitement!

✯ 4 stars: Enjoyed reading the book and highly recommend it.

✯ 3 stars: Good writing, but it could’ve been better.

✯ 2 stars: Didn’t feel a connection with the book and needed something more.

✯ 1 star: Was NOT my cup of tea at all and would gladly take my money back.