Leigh Bardugo, author of the Grisha Trilogy and many other magically dark books has worked her own magic to release multiple books in one year…which also means more tours! Luckily I was able to have the wonderful opportunity to meet Leigh in Cincinnati, Ohio during the Midnight Tales Tour which focussed on her most recent title: Language of Thorns.

During the event Leigh gave insight into her latest addition to the Grishaverse realm. The Language of Thorns drew inspiration from fairytales, folklore, myth and more. Leigh explained that the tales found within this book would be ones that characters from her other series would have grown-up listening to. In fact she mentioned that Kaz would greatly enjoy the The Too-Clever Fox! 

During the Q&A Leigh was asked a questions that ranged from topics such as diversity among characters and how various types of representation unfolded throughout the storyline through her previous series. One notable question that earned a chorus of laughs came in the form of: If Leigh’s characters were all stranded on an island, who would be the last survivor. The answer? Inej Ghafa! Kaz “Dirtyhands” Brekker would ensure that no harm came to Inej, who would more than likely be lounging in a tree throughout this situation. Kaz would then sadly meet his end due to a jaguar encounter, but at least Inej remained unscathed before she sailed off the island!

And speaking of sailing…we also talked about a certain Privateer who has easily stolen the hearts of many fans since his first introduction during the Grisha Trilogy. NIKOLAI LANTSOV IS GETTING HIS OWN SERIES!!! In fact his story will span the length of a duology! The first book, King of Scars, is due Winter 2019. You can find the full article about this (thrilling) next installment at EW.com where you can also watch the book trailer. Trust me. You will WANT to watch it!

After fangirling over characters we reached the point during the discussion in which Leigh shed some light upon being a writer. She explained how in her case she was lucky to have such a supportive base of readers who made the Grishaverse thrive the way it has. Without fans, characters don’t get their chance to appear on the page or books to reach the shelves at stores.

Upon the Q&A conclusion Leigh also offered a bit of advice for aspiring authors: “The war for you is to continue to make art.” Writers must not falter in the face of defeat. Stay true to yourself and write what makes you happy. Reach out and don’t be afraid to receive constructive criticism and learn from it.

Having the chance to meet Leigh was a whole new level of trying to contain my excitement. Which, let’s be honest- I completely failed in doing so because this is LEIGH BARDUGO we’re talking about.

I couldn’t decide at first which books I wanted her to sign, but she was incredibly kind enough to sign all of my books (Which were all the books she has published, because how can I not love Leigh’s work???) In fact she signed every single book that her readers brought. How amazing is that?!?

In the future I hope to attend more of Leigh’s events considering how fun and engaging they were!
*Leigh and I pictured on the left

The Midnight Tales book tour was an incredible experience. Not only was I able to meet new people and talk about books with them, but I also met one of my favorite authors!

I highly recommend going on a book tour stop if you’re able to do so.  The opportunity is one that you don’t want to miss- especially since book tours can be a tad unpredictable in terms of what cities they will be located at.  ……………………………….

Have you read Leigh Bardugo’s books? If so which is your favorite? And are you excited about Nikolai getting is own duology???

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